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Welcome to KeelX, your pioneering partner in maritime technology! At KeelX, we are a dynamic team of passionate individuals dedicated to revolutionizing the maritime industry. With a perfect blend of expertise in maritime operations and cutting-edge technology, we are committed to crafting innovative, easy-to-use solutions that steer the industry towards greater efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

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Aristos Philis is a professional in the international shipping industry with a focus on strategic development and environmental corporate social responsibility. He co-founded KeelX, a technology spinoff, where as CEO he plays a crucial role in guiding the startup’s management decisions and business activities. Aristos holds a BSc (Hons) in Economics & Statistics from University College London and an MSc in Shipping, Trade & Finance with Distinction from Bayes Business School. Since 2017 he is also the Director of Strategic Development at Lemissoler Navigation. Previously, he gained valuable experience in Risk and Analytics during his tenure at Barclays Investment Bank in London.

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Evros Damianou is the Education Program Lead responsible for KeelX Education.  He manages the creation and development of the e-courses for KeelX Education while playing a key role in driving the product’s business development. Evros was developing presentations and educational material for Lemissoler’sAcademy in Ukraine before taking over his responsibilities as the Education Program Lead. Additionally, Evros has a legal background supporting KeelX with all its legal matters. Evros is also working at Lemissoler sustaining a legal role in both organizations.

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Patrik Lucio Bollini is the Chief Information Officer of KeelX Ltd. His responsibilities encompass a keen focus on identifying opportunities for leveraging technological advancements to enhance the company’s competitive edge. Beyond this, he takes charge of supporting the architecture of all products within KeelX, ensuring a seamless and efficient IT infrastructure. Patrick is also working at Lemissoler as the CTO of the organization.

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Dimitris Solomonides is the Robotics Lead at KeelX Robotics, leading the development of an underwater wireless Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). He is working together with the Cyprus University of Technology for the development of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle which will be able to scan a ship’s hull in less than 3 hours providing the operator with photos and videos indicating the hull fouling. Dimitris has been the R&D/projects manager at Lemissoler for the last several years during which a couple of eco-ship designs were developed. Since 2015 he was actively involved in the ‘real time’ performance monitoring system development for a fleet of bulk carriers.

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